Colin Rigg Jr. Foundation 

"It's important to work hard, be driven and have goals, but we all need a start, help or guidance along the journey."

- Rodney Rigg, Founder

It is our turn to give back. We are becoming World Changing Ambassadors. 


Meet our inspiration: Coling Rigg Jr.

As a kid, Colin was a star athlete and great student.  Always at the top of his class, he was able to skip grades along the way by passing exams, as well as starring on the track and soccer fields. 


He ended up saving the life of his brother Rodney Rigg, who almost drowned while they were showering in a nearby river, all at the tender age of 12 years old.  

What we do?

  • We help different foundations from Jamaica, Ecuador, Burundi & The United States.

  • These foundations help low income communities with Scholarships, Job Creation, Food Supplies, Medical Care & Housing.

  • 1% of our monthly revenues goes directly to them.

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